Tour in a classic vehicle of limited edition 

a Mercedes-benz 230.4 from 75


*Guided tour by the valleys and monuments of Andorra, in a classic from 75, Mercedes-Benz, oil 230.4, of limited edition; a special and different way of discovering the country, with a vintage touch making unforgettable rides for you to keep in your memory and remember them in the future.


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1. Historical center of Andorra la Vella – Alt de la Comella  1.350m – Historical center of Santa Coloma


Travel on foot through the narrow and paved alleys of the old neighborhood of Andorra la Vella, discover the monuments, la Casa de la Vall (old and new parliament), visit of the church of Sant Esteve, reformed by Puig I Cadafalch, the noble houses of the Benlloch square, el Cap del Carrer, la plaza del Pueblo (the people’s square) and the Institutional Headquarters. *A city tour to the modern side of the capital. *Salvador Dali sculpture. *Paris Bridge. *Caldea. *Old town of Escaldes-Engordany. The Sant Pere Mártir church, the Roc del Metge hot spring, the old hotels of granite architecture, the Bridge of la Tosca and the Engordany Bridge. *A panoramic of the entire central valley, from el Alto de la Comella from 1.350m high *Visit on foot, of the antique core of Santa Coloma, the traditional houses, of popular architecture, the house of the Russians, of modernist style, with traces of novecentismo, built by César Martinell, on the year 1916.

reloj[1]  2h         1 person 25 €  / +2 persons 12,50 € each

2. Aixirivall – Bosc de la Rabassa 1.820m – Auvinyà


*Medieval bridge of the Margineda. *Passage through el Barrio Antiguo de Sant Julià de Lòria and its monuments. *Discover the tobacco industry and the old stories of the smuggling tradition. *Old core of Aixirivall and Sant Pere. *Stop in the scenic view of Coll de la Plana, with spectacular views of the whole valley. *Las Bordas de la Peguera and livestock farms. *The forest of la Rabassa and the spring fountains. *The hermitage of Sant Cristòfol. *Juberri and the contemporary gardens. *Visit to the Pueblo of Avinyà, of medieval architecture, surrounded by vineyards and the legend of the White Maiden.

reloj[1] 2h        1 person 34 €  / + 2 persons 17 € each


3. Fontaneda – Coll de la Gallina 1.911m – Bixessarri


*Travel to high mountain, through narrow a meandering road, surrounded by vineyards, prairies and grass. *Forests Mediterranean style and half European.  *Visit the Fontaneda Town, hanging between the mountains, with its rural traditional architecture. *Stop on the spectacular panoramic views of the entire and from the territory of l’Alt Urgell, skirting the border line from the old road of smugglers. *El Coll de la de Gallina. *Visit to the small core of Aixàs and the peaks that surround the capital. *Passage through the Gargantas and the Bixessarri Town. *The oratory of the Jonas Fountain.

reloj[1] 2h         1 person 40 € / +2 persons 20 € each

4. Anyós – Coll de Beixalís 1.795m – Historical ensemble of Les Bons


*Stop in the bridge of medieval origin and the oratory of the Gorges de Sant Antoni de la Grella, touching the rive Valira del Nord. *Discover the old king’s road. *Small plateau of Anyòs with views to the valley of La Massana and the Comapedrosa Circus (Natural Park). *Coll de Beixalís, surrounded by middle european and subalpine forests. *Panoramic view of the valley of Encamp and tour through its monuments of cultural interest. *Old town of Encamp. *Visit the historical complex and the town of medieval origin, of Les Bons. *Stroll through the old town of la Mosquera and the Sant Miquel Church.

reloj[1] 2h         1 person 30 € / +2 persons 15 € each

5. Segudet – Coll d’Ordino 1.950m – Meritxell


*Discover the history of the steel industry. *Segudet, the legend and the White House. *Visit the Ordino, going through the framework of its paved and hidden alleys, surrounded of noble houses of the 17th century. *Scenic view of the peaks and landscapes of the Valley of Ordino. *Stop at the Roc del Quer, panoramic balcony, suspended 500m above the void, unique in the Pyrenees. *Old town of Canillo. *Visit to Meritxell and the Basilica Sanctuary of Nostra Senyora de Meritxell, built by the architect Ricard Bofill.

reloj[1] 2h         1 person 35 €  / +2 persons 17,50 € each

6. Coll de Beixalís 1.795m – Sornàs – La Cortinada


*Monument to the Segador and the old trades. *Old town of Encamp. *Las Bordes de Beixalís and livestock farms. *Collada de Beixalís, 1.795m. *Panoramic view of the valley of Encamp, (the heart of Andorra) and the Circus of Comapedrosa (Natural Park). *Discover the rural traditional architecture heritage of many town and little communities. Tour by the oldest houses in the country loaded with centuries of history; Ordino, Segudet, Sornàs and La Cortinada. *The Nature Center of La Cortinada. *History of the Iron Industry. *The viticulture of the country.

reloj[1] 2h         1 person 30 € / +2 persons 15 € each

7. Sispony – Pal – Port de Cabús 2.300m


*Bridge of medieval origin and the Gorgess de Sant Antoni. *Discover the Old Kings Road and the fountain of the oratory. *Old core of Sispony. *Rural setting of Pal, protected by its traditional architecture since 1997. *Extensive and spectacular panoramic view of the peaks and mountains from the Caubella plain and the Coll de la Botella from 2.069m high. *Stop at the Cabús Port at 2.300m, border crossing of tall mountain that goes through the Pyrenees. *The valley of Seturia and its legend. *History of smuggling, Tor and the Ferrera valley. *Discover the  interpretation Center of Comapedrosa.

reloj[1]   2h         1 person 35 €  / +2 persons 17,50 € each


8. Complete tour


*Complete tour of Andorra, that includes all itineraries mentioned before.

reloj[1]  Whole day   |   check itinerary / price / museums / lunch at restaurant or picnic

9. Vall d’Orient – Alta Cerdaña – Baja Cerdaña


*Tour through all the Vall d’Orient to Port d’Envalira, at 2.408m, the highest road pass of the Pyrenees and the town of Pas de la Casa, at 2.079m. *Coll de Puymorens, at 1.900m and the French Alta Cerdaña. *Forn Solar d’Odeillo and typical towns from around. *Visit to the Llivia enclave considered the cradle of Cataluña. *Tour through Baja Cerdaña, surrounded by typical postcards villages and natural landscapes, grass prairies and the Natural Park of Cadí. *Visit of Bellver de Cerdaña and its old town of medieval air. *Visit the historical Center de La Seu D’Urgell and the Olympic park of the Segre.

reloj[1] Whole day outside Andorra     |       check itinerary / price / museums / lunch at restaurant or picnic


10. La Seu d’Urgell – Castellbó – Sant Joan de l’Erm


*Visit the Historical Center of La Seu d’Urgell and the Olympic park of the Segre. *Tour through Montferrer and the airport of Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell. Visit the town of Castellbò, with a past of sampling influence untied to the history of Andorra. *Tour through the natural park of Alt Pirineu; the most extensive park of Cataluña. *Stop at the scenic view with visits through the park and the Sierra del Cadí. *Sant Joan de l’Erm. *Visit the town of Vilamitjana del Cantó, lost in the middle of the forest, with curious and hidden streets of medieval origin.

reloj[1] Whole day outside Andorra     |       check itinerary / price / museums / lunch at restaurant or picnic