NBF TOURISM, is a company of cultural tourism and leisure, that offer the best way to know Andorra in short time, making the best of your stay in the country. Unlike the usual touristic tours, our objective is to discover, in car as well as walking, the hidden deep corners of Andorra. We pick you up at the hotel, on a small vehicle, like a van 


(4×4, with air conditioner, comfortable and with a lot of visibility) ideal to go through the small alleys in towns, as well as narrow and meandering roads, not of easy access to tours on buses. Also, we have the option to make a different tour, with a vintage and retro touch, on an elegant and glamourous classic car, of limited series, Mercedes-Benz 230.3 oil, from 75.

We offer different guided routes, alongside every single moment of a certified touristic cultural guide, with years of experience and a professional driver. Detailed explanations and commentaries of the history of the country; the cultural and natural heritage and the monuments. Discover the romantic art, the museums, traditions and gastronomy. Visit to towns and their traditional rural architecture and the small cores of medieval origin, going through privilege points on roads of tall mountains, with spectacular panoramic views, of the landscapes of the valleys of the country.


Private and personalized tours, doing the planned itineraries or “à la carte”, according to your preferences and tastes, adapted to the interest of the traveler. Putting attention on what the visitor finds more attractive or just going fast through places or monuments that aren’t too attractive to our customers. A discovery surrounded by a friendly coexistence environment, distended and fun, doing various stops at your convenience, to take pictures or taking the chance to have a drink with the wine boot. Andorra is an unknown country, with exceptional treasures and corners and the formula we propose to you is the best to discover and enjoy it.

Diplomas and qualifications

-Business Technician and Touristic Activities 

-University Expert in Touristic cultural Heritage guidance

-Professional training certificate as Passenger Carrier

-Member of the touristic guides association of Andorra

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