Schedules and Conditions

  • Itineraries  2h               Departure schedule  9:00 | 11h30  | 15h00 | 17h30
  • Itineraries  ½ day              Morning o Afternoon it’s your choide
  • Itineraries  whole day       Andorra and abroad 

* Pick up and return to the hotel.

* The depatures from el Pas de la Casa, are of half a day or entire day.

* Wine boot aperitif on an emblematic place and photo gift.

* Itineraries are modified in the winter months by weather reasons.

* Family discount.

* Itineraries of half a day, can be in the morning or the afternoon: ask prices / ask routes.

* Whole day itineraries: ask prices / ask routes / typical food in restaurant or picnic.

* The entrance to museums or monuments will be done according to availability at the moment the tour is done or with previous reservation.

* Entrance to paid museums are not included.

Museus : Casa de la Vall  | Casa d’Areny-Plandolit  |  Casa Rull  |  Casa Cristo  |  Museu Nacional de l’Automòbil  |  CAEE  | Museu del Tabac  |  Museu de la Miniatura  |  Farga Rossell  |  Centre d’interpretació Andorra Romànica  | Museu de la Moto | Museu del Perfum |  Centre de la Natura de la Cortinada  |  Farinera de Montferrer | Fàbrica de llanes d’Arsèguel  |  Parc dels Búnquers  |  Catedral de la Seu d´Urgell | Museu de la Ciutat de la Seu